Speaker Tips for Virtual Presentations

Tips for a Professional Virtual Presentation

What to Wear:

  • Choose solid, bold colors. Avoid tops with stripes, checks or plaid.
  • Be mindful of jewelry or accessories that may jingle, be distracting to viewers, or interfere with earbuds, headphones, or microphones.
  • If you wear glasses, find an angle with the computer camera to avoid a glare in the camera shot.


  • Check your internet speed here.
  • Alert your household of your presentation to prevent competing internet use.
  • Meetings/webinars will occur in Zoom. Download the latest version at zoom.us.
  • Join the meeting or webinar at the time indicated in your calendar invite. Allow for the 15 minute audio/video prep before the session begins.
  • Use of a headset or airpods is discretionary but does improve audio for both you and the audience.


  • Avoid fluorescent light and overhead lights, which can cast unflattering shadows.
  • Position the primary light source in front of you and behind your camera.
  • Natural light is best but avoid windows directly behind you.


  • Choose a quiet space with no background noise. 
  • Be mindful of background noise – close windows and doors – and avoidable guest appearances – pets, adults and children, etc.


  • Smile, speak naturally, look at the camera, not at the screen.
  • Raise webcam to eye level – place computer on a stack of books to raise the level of the camera.
  • Center yourself in the middle of the screen (left/right, top/bottom).
  • Close other applications and disable notifications to prevent disruptions or the risk of personal/confidential information appearing visible to the audience.
  • Silence your phone (mobile/landline.)